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Hi all, I have been running mumble server on a headless RaspberryPi - very impressed by the quality of the audio. However, I am struggling to find a headless client. I can get the standard mumble voice client running on the same Raspberry Pi by logging in using ssh -Y; however, the interactive performance is too slow to be usable. So what I am looking for is a simple scriptable voice client that ideally requires no interaction with a user on startup after initial configuration of Input/output which is USB headset with microphone. My top priority is the microphone so even a simplex solution for that would be OK.

The only candidates that I have found so far that might work for this are which I have not yet been able to compile and mumble-ruby for which I have not yet found a voice example. Does anyone here have any other suggestions or insight into whether either of these suggestions might work.

Thanks all,
What are you hoping to do? Once audio and certificate are set up, you can connect to a Mumble server by passing it a URL. You can change channels doing that as well.

There's also an XMLRPC feature that's piss-poorly documented that (here's a sample C# implementation), IIRC, lets you mute/unmute/deafen/etc.

You'll still need some sort of X server to attach it to though, even if it's a virtual framebuffer.
Few weeks ago there was released a cli client for Mumble named barnard, written in Go, licensed under the MIT license. It uses OpenAL for audio which works well with Alsa or PulseAudio.

You can probably extend this project to your needs.


If you have questions ... the developer of this project is sitting in #mumble on irc.

Have fun :)