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Murmur Certificate

How to do...
I've tried Googling this to no avail, so I really need some help.

I have a Murmur server running on Windows Server 2012, it's all set up and working perfectly apart from its certificate. Currently it just has the autogenerated one, but this throws up errors for users when they join (basically the certificate isn't trusted).

From my understanding, I need a Level 1 or 2 certificate for the server. However, the instructions for getting hold of one and installing it to the server are all seemingly based around Linux installations. Can somebody please break this down in to idiot proof steps for Windows?

For reference, the server is at mumbleDOTrockpapershotgunDOTcom

Thanks in advance.
The instructions should work for Windows as well, you reference the file locations for the key and certificate chain PEM files in the ini, or in the virtual server configuration.