Microphone not found

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Microphone not found

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I just installed Mumble on a Win XP machine with Creative SB X-Fi. When the setup was finished I got an error message
You need to select at least one microphone and one speaker source to use ASIO. If you just need microphone sampling, use DirectSound.
I got this message several times during the setup wizard.

I could hear the voice sample during the Device Tuning page of the wizard. The microphone is setup the same as was used in the Ventrilo program. It is recognized by the SB board and I ran through Creative's hardware test; the microphone tested OK and could hear my voice in the playback section. I changed the Mumble setting to DirectSound and couldn't hear anything or say anything.

What do I need to do to make this work? I'd sure like to get away from Vent.

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