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Need help with remote administration + Certs

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I have a server running on my laptop (linux mint) and it works mostly, but I have a few problems.

First off, I don't quite understand how to secure my server with certificates. What stops anyone with the IP from joining?

My other problem is remote administration. I got mumble-django installed on the server, but I can't figure out how to access it.
The server certificate is used by the clients to establish a secure connection.
The Mumble server automatically creates a certificate for this - you could use your own ones if you want to though; but no need.

User certificates are used to authenticate to the server;
even when the server itself is public, you set up the ACL to only allow registered users to join other channels than the default one, and then use registration (you register them on approval) as a means of giving access.

Alternatively, you can set a server password if you want to restrict (public) access.

I am not too familiar with mumble-django.
Maybe you want to ask more specific questions on that though.
Personally, I am using MumPI.