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Permissions not working correctly?

How to do...
Well I have a problem, and I don't think I can solve it myself.

The goal is to deny entry to the four main channels (De Kroew, League of legends, Minecraft and Guild Wars 2), but allow entry to their subchannels (Team 1, Team 2 etc.). Here a picture of the view:

How would I do this? I tried this:

As you can see I did get supressed. This is because I checked the "deny speak" box, but I also checked the "deny entry" box and yet I am still capable of entering. Any ideas on fixing this?
I gave it a go and I had the same issue.
If you are an administrators deny entry permissions do not apply to you. You just get muted when entering such channels (but can unmute yourself).
I tested with a plain registered user, it still did not work.