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Can't figure out how to retrieve the Superuser Password.

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I am currently running a VPS with Centos7. I have followed this page: for installation. Now I know the Superuser password should generate with the logs somewhere, but when I went to check it, it wasn't in the logs. Also none of the normal commands like murmurd or anything work. Are there special commands for Centos? Or is there something I am missing? I am able to login as a regular user, but no admin rights or anything.
There should be a command to specify a new superuser password. Check the start script for Murmur to find out what to use for -ini, then do:

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/path/to/murmurd -ini /path/to/ini -supw <whatever>
(or I think you can use -readsupw if you don't want the superuser password on the command line).