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Redirecting Murmur Log File to Syslog

How to do...
I apologize if this has already been discussed, but searches return nothing.

I am hosting Murmur remotely and I would like to set up logging to be directed to rsyslogd, instead of a local text file, as rsyslog is sending logs to my local syslog server. So far, my searching has found nothing and the only option I seem to be able to find is just changing the location of the log file.

Has anyone accomplished this?

I don't believe we support logging via syslog facility (actually now that I've done a bit more Googling, I'm not as sure about this as I once was) - it would be on my list of "nice to have"s, but I'm afraid not enough to find time to work on it.

There's also this, which looks like a rather nasty way to accomplish it and I haven't tested it.
mkrautz wrote:Actually, we merged support for syslog logging in 1.3.0: ... 28a7e49dc7 ... 2f50dc2d4c