Stops hearing others

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Stops hearing others

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I have a murmur server thats running 24/7. I have reacentrly updated it to 1.2.9 and after that one of my friends are having the problem that after a minute online he stops hearing others, but we can hear him without any problems.
If he relog mumble it works again for a minute. He have 1.2.9 version of the client.

What could be wrong?

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Re: Stops hearing others

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Does not sound like an issue with/from the server (upgrade).
As its only an issue for him, it is likely a networking issue on his end.
Maybe some networking, router or firewall configuration changed on his end?

Mumble uses TCP as its control channel, and UDP for voice packets.
As you can hear him fine his outgoing UDP packets are transmitted to the server just fine.
As he can not hear anybody, incoming packets - from his perspective - somehow get blocked.
He should check his network configuration.

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