How to setup a Coach channel

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How to setup a Coach channel

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Some games now support teams having a coach.
If the coach is watching/teaching one noob player, you might want only that player to be able to hear the coach.

I figured out how to setup some mumble channels to do this.
Someone (likely, future me) may find this helpful.


And duplicating the text from that image, just in case the link ever breaks:
This describes how to set up mumble channels so:
- Everyone can hear Team
- Everyone can hear Student
- Only Student can hear Coach (so coach can rant about how to play without disturbing the team)

1) Make 3 channels (Team, Student, Coach)
Coach must be under Team
Student must not be under Team
2) sit in Team
3) right click Student: link
4) right click Coach: link
(linked channels have blue dot icon)
5) right click Team: edit
6) add ACL: group=~sub, Deny speak; do not apply to sub-channels
(~sub means ppl in sub channels)

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Re: How to setup a Coach channel

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Thank you for sharing! :)

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