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Run Mumble client from CLI under Debian/Linux on a headless

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I am building a Debian Mumble server on a Raspberry Pi 2 that runs headless that clients connect to remotely. But I would like to have a local client on the server so I can have a microphone/speaker/PTT button sitting on top the physical server that will allow me to communicate to the channel (only one active) despite the server being headless.

I can't find any clear mumble documentation on if you can in fact start mumble from the command line without using a desktop manager and still have access to the microphone/speaker/USB PTT button.

Anybody able to point me in the right direction for a solution?

I'll quote Natenom's reply from r/Mumble here for search purposes:
Natenom wrote:You can use X virtual framebuffer: Xvfb :1 & mumble mumble://username@hostname:64738?version=1.2.0 -display :1
Try barnard: