[Solved] Mumble 1.2 and password authentification

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[Solved] Mumble 1.2 and password authentification

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Mumble 1.2 is based on strong authentification, using certificate. It's a great feature and I love it, but not my user.

They don't want to manage their certificate, that's why I want to allow certificate authentification and password authentification at the same time.
If these options aren't allow at the same time, is it possible to just user password ? Like 1.8 version ?

I've tried to educate them but I think many novice user are not prepared to use certificate ... sadly

Thank you in advance

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Re: Mumble 1.2 and password authentification

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Mumble 1.2.X still supports password authentication. It is just not visible anymore in the client UI. That means if you set a password via Ice the user will get prompted for it on connect. Note though that if connected once with a password the certificate of the connecting client will become the valid certificate for logging into that account.

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