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[Solved] Mumble 1.2 and password authentification

How to do...

Mumble 1.2 is based on strong authentification, using certificate. It's a great feature and I love it, but not my user.

They don't want to manage their certificate, that's why I want to allow certificate authentification and password authentification at the same time.
If these options aren't allow at the same time, is it possible to just user password ? Like 1.8 version ?

I've tried to educate them but I think many novice user are not prepared to use certificate ... sadly

Thank you in advance
Mumble 1.2.X still supports password authentication. It is just not visible anymore in the client UI. That means if you set a password via Ice the user will get prompted for it on connect. Note though that if connected once with a password the certificate of the connecting client will become the valid certificate for logging into that account.