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How to make it so mods can't mute admins etc

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I was looking on the feature tracker seeing if mumble was ever going to get something like powerlevels for groups.

On this post:
Apparently it is already possible to make it so one group can't mute another group, but I can't figure out how. Is anyone able to explain this?
I don’t think that’s possible.

Actually, I guess it’s *your* state (type of user you are) and your permission on the targets position (do you have permission to do that action in that channel?).
I don’t think there is a check whether you are allowed to do action on a user depending on *his* permission.
That is what I originally thought. A usergroup power level would be handy, I'm not sure why that feature request was rejected.
Yeah I would love this! There is this one guy who comes on our server, one guys little brother, and as a joke we where thinking about setting up so everybody else could mute him.
I think the FR was rejected because Mumble's ACL system is a complicated beast that's already extremely difficult to convey in a UI fashion anyway. Adding another variable into it (user/group levels) could just further lead to more confusion and unexpected edge cases.

Considering we have things like a couple rather nasty audio bugs, likely at least a couple of bugs upstream in Qt that affect us, at least one weird network issue, and a spontaneous database corruption in the client that no one can track down... Better to explicitly reject the feature requests that require a huge amount of engineering than to leave them sit in the tracker forever.

If someone wanted to take it upon themselves to implement this, complete with tests to show it works as expected, I would imagine the official project position is "patches welcome" but a feature request for something of this scope doesn't really make any sense, IMHO.