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I did add an extra page about the Postional Audio in the Wiki, after a question in the old Forum and since i had the feeling that this main feature needs some exrta explanation then the GAMESpage with a list of Plugins on the wiki pages..

To edit a wiki page in mumble is a just a pain, since the wiki is very stubborn and wont always do what its been told... :oops:
Im trying to store this :

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== How to activate Positional Audio ==

Postional Audio is activated by standard. If you wish to configure it you will have to open settings pages of Mumble and check the 

[[File:Audio-Output.jpg|thumb|This shows the Settings Page of the Audio output.]]
(1) Advanced Config settings

on the Audio Output is a check box (2) to General enable or disable Positional Audio for your client.

[[File:Plugin.jpg|thumb|the Plug-ins Config Page]]

On this Page you are able to generally allow Mumble to see if you run a program that matches one of the plugins in Box (2)
The check box in the plug-in list (2) enables or disables the plug-in. This way you can decide if you want positonal audio for a certain program or not.
The Button (3) "reload Plugins" tells the client to reload the .dll's from the filesystem and check if there is a new Plugin in the plugin folder on your local drive.
Mumble does this lookup on startup and futher more checks on the internet for updated versions of the plugins. If there is a newer version the client downloads it automatic and places it into the  right folder. Be aware that if there is an old .dll it gets replaced.
(4) shows you addtional Infos about the selected plugin in (2) the main box.
If the Plugin can be configured you can use Button (5) Configure to get into the options of the selected Plugin.

The only Plugin that has such a page is the ''"Manual Positonal Audio"'' Plugin (see --> Games [[Games#Special_Plugins]])
into the wiki now for over 20 min... yet it dosnt do.. But i wont give up
Good thinking. We definitely lacked a page explaining how it actually works and what it does. I edited the article a bit. Hope you don't mind.

ps: Nifty animations ;-)