Setting up permissions to not kick ranks above you

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Setting up permissions to not kick ranks above you

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So I bought a mumble server, and was setting up the ranks.

From highest to lowest, I have set up an admin, officer, raider, auth, & all rank.

Currently, my admin rank controls the ACL, and I have given the officer rank every power in mumble minus that.

At the moment, the officer rank can kick me from my own mumble as a troll. Is there anyway to set up something like a parent rank, where you can only kick the people that are ranked the same or lower than yourself? Meaning the Queen can't kick the King off his own throne sort of deal, however, can kick any peon she likes.

I have talked to typefrag and they say this is something that has not been implemented, however I thought I would ask again. If not, I'd like to add this as feedback for future patches.

Thank you.

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Re: Setting up permissions to not kick ranks above you

Post by fwaggle »

AFAIK this isn't possible with Mumble's ACL setup. It's been talked about before, but it would add a lot of complexity to the ACL system (which is already not terribly intuitive to use for many new administrators) so I don't think anything is going to happen with it.
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