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Changing the overlay trigger key in Dirty Bomb video game

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I use Mumble's overlay for custom crosshair on the video game Dirty Bomb. I followed this guide when I installed the program: ... =470015172

Right now the toggle/trigger for turning my overlay on and off is the Insert Key. I want to use a different key than Insert when turning my overlay on and off. I didnt see anything on Steam game forums or in the Mumble settings on how to do this.

Any help? Im wondering if this is something that was coded into the .dll files that I downloaded for use with the game.
Note that whatever you are downloading there is not from us and I have also never heard of the user "STOGE".

In Mumble, Configure -> Shortcuts
you can map the "Toggle Overlay" action to a key.
If this is not about en-/disabling the entire overlay, than that is indeed something that custom software does by itself.