Mumble on Linux

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Mumble on Linux

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Great everyone! I am a newer Linux user. I currently use Ubuntu 15.04 Lts and Ubuntu 15.10. I am having the same issues with mumble on each.

On the first system with Mumble and 15.04. I am having quite a bit of difficulty with finding input an using the right device.

Hardware is Creative xfi fatal1ty emu20k2
With 7.1 analog out and microphone (headset razer tiamat)

I can't seem to get Mumble to work with any consistency even though my inputs and outputs work using Ubuntu and testing various items. There are a ton of options under the ALSA section in mumble and it's quite confusing. I am in work atm, but I will putting some screenshots up later.

The second computer is having the same issue except I am using a creative USB sound adapter instead of on board. Once again there are a ton of options in ALSA.

I have tried just using pulseaudio and I get no input but I do get output... On both.

Thank you so much for your time.

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