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Set Avatar for users directly in the db

How to do...
So I want to set my users avatar directly from the server.
I had a look in the murmur.sqlite db and I can see the table users has a BLOB column named texture.

For the users that had set their own avatar I can correctly see and export the image.
So I thought that importing an image with DBbrowser for SQLite for the users who didn't set any image would work, but even if I can see correctly the image saved in the table, the avatar is not visible in mumble nor in the in game overlay.

The images are all 64x64, the database was of course edited while murmur was not running, and the the changes correctly written to it (reopening the table shows the avatar I manually set).
Am I doing something wrong? Or my initial assumption is wrong?
Mumble (server) does not support manually triggered DB changes.
Did you restart the server after inserting the new avatars?

We do provide the Ice interface to live-update data like the avatar images.
See setTexture reference
Yeah I did restart the server.

Anyway I've settled for the Ice Interface as you suggested
Thanks mate :!: