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How do I adjust the chat font size?

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Since 4k monitors appeared, it's been pretty much required to upgrade to Windows 8 / Windows 10 to take advantage of UI Scaling.

Sadly, only part of the Mumble UI seems to adapt according to scaling, while the rest doesn't. This makes for a very weird look, and a difficult usage. This is what Mumble looks like, with a 150% UI Scale:

As you can see, most of the interface is ok. The menus are fine, the list of channels and people within them are ok, but the chat is minuscule.

Is there a way to manually adjust the chat font size, until this issue gets resolved? Or a way to make it so that the chat font adjusts to the UI Scaling of the rest of the interface?

Thanks in advance,

Thierry Jacques
You can increase the font size in your log when you hold ctrl and scroll your mouse wheel up.

This is a known issue and will probably be fixed, see