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[SOLVED][Server] Allow new users to register themselves?

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I have started a new Mumble server and I would like for new users to be albe to register themselves without having an admin to do it. I have tried to add an @all row in the bottom of the ACL (executed last and writes over the previous settings) that allows users to register themselves. However, when I log in with my unregistered laptop-user to my server I can't register myself since the option in the menu is greyed out.

How do I allow new unregistered users to register themselves?
The default ACL on a server should already allow self registering.

Are you sure that you don't suppress your client certificate?
Thanks for that lightning answer! I had modified the ACL so I tried to re-install Mumble to get the "un-touched" ACL and lo' and behold... It's true. It works. How I messed up the ACL in the first place and how it really works with the "inherit"-stuff, I have to learn later but I'll post my settings below for anyone who wants to have a look.

Solution: Keep vanilla ACL or look at image below:
ACL settings to allow unregistered users to register themselves.
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