Mumble as translation aid

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Mumble as translation aid

Post by Aganyur »

Hey there,
I got a question in the use of ACLs, linking channels and so on:
I want to set up a wifi network with a server, where visitors of our events can join the local mumble-server, join the correct channel for their language and then can listen to a live translation.
So far my plan was to use a banana pi with bananian as server, on which I run a client at the same time which can give the original audio to the translators. The translators and visitors log in wroth their smartphones, translators resgister once and get added to a translators group by the admin. The visitors can just join without password or registration.

So I tried different setups, but could never really achieve my goal, so probably you can help new set this up:
How can I do it, that the translators hear the original audio, but not each other, the visitors can hear only their respective translation but not the original audio nor each other.

So far I tried setting the original audio and the translators in one channel, deny the translators speak, the visitors in a second channel where talk is allowed only for translators and link them up, but this way, the translators weren't heard in the visitor's channel.
Another way with setting the original audio in a separate channel didn't end up any better as well...

It'd be great if you have any ideas!
Thank you!

PS, a little off topic and not the main question at the moment:
We had a little test run today, just to see if our idea basically works, and noted repeated loss of connections...
Do any of you know if there are any issues about mumble on banana pi? Couldn't really make out any cause of the disconnects, there were at max about 8 People on the server at the same time.
We'll try it out with a more powerful hardware and another wifi router, probably this'll already solve the problem...

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Re: Mumble as translation aid

Post by kissaki »

Sorry for the late reply.

Idea 1:
Broadcaster channel
Translator channel 1
Translation channel 1
Translator channel 2
Translation channel 2

All channels get linked.
The broadcaster gets speak permission only in the broadcaster and Translator channels.
The translators get speak permission only in the Translator and Translation channel.

I think that should work!?

Idea 2:
Broadcaster channel
Translation channel 1
Translation channel 2

Translators and broadcaster are in the broadcaster channel.
Translators "shout" to their translation channel.
This would require them to setup a key bind and have a bit more knowledge of Mumble.
So probably a second/last choice.

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