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Mumble won't use my backpanel

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Hello there,

I'm not sure if i should post on the usage sub-board or on the technical one. Let's try this one.

In order to record some ingame videos, i need to split my input sound in two distinct chanel, one with voices (mumble) & one with music + in game sounds etc.

My front panel was used to connect my headset and get my mumble stream (+ one virtual audio stream to get the sound of my games & stuff) , my back panel was used to connect my record device.

It works pretty well since 1 or 2 years.

Recently my front mic jack has had some issues, so i decided to reverse my whole setup, using the front panel to get ingame sounds & the backpanel to mumble.

Aaaaaand, you get it, it won't works.

I can't hear a single sound in mumble. The odd things is that the same setup is working like a charm on Teamspeak, Discord & Curse. But not with mumble. And i can't get why.

I tried to uninstall/reinstall mumble, update my drivers, trying to use only the backpanel, nothing works.

Any idea ?
Ty :)

PS : Windows 10 Pro, Mumble 1.2.16, Realtek HD Audio
I can't promise I'll be able to help at all, but can you post the audio bits from dxdiag output?