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Whisper "Current" as default voice acivation setting

How to do...
Hi guys,

is it possible to set Whisper to current channel as the default format, so that it activates via voice activation.

I massively dislike using push to talk, but the default voice activation uses "Shout" to the main channel instead of the sub-channel I am in, which is a problem for me.

Is there an option, or a script, or an addon or something, that would either have a key to toggle between Shout/Whisper and let me still use Voice activation to talk.

Or if that is too fancy, if I can set the default via Voice activation to whisper I can then use, push to talk to "Shout" which is way rarer for me so I wouldn't mind having to hold a button for it.

Thanks guys! Love to programme good stuff!

Is normal push to talk (not whisper nor shout) not what you are looking for?