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Need help setting up channels

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I'd like an Admin group and three subgroups. The Admin group can talk to all four groups, but cannot hear any of the subgroups. Users in each subgroup can talk to other users in the same group, but cannot talk to any users in any of the other groups. Users can also switch subgroups at any time, without being muted.

For example:


AdminUserA and B can talk to Users A, B, and C, but cannot hear them.
AdminUserA and B can talk to (and hear) each other.
UserA can talk to B but can neither talk to nor hear C, unless one of them changes subgroups.
UserA and B can switch to SG2 if they want to talk to C, or C could switch to SG1.
Do you mean groups or channels?

Because as far as I'm aware, you can express in Mumble's ACL "a user in group A cannot talk to user in group B". It only works off channels, with the permissions applied per-group, per-channel.

If you mean channels, I feel like the Wiki has an example that's quite close to what it sounds like you want.