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Noob question. How do I set up myself as admin?

How to do...
I followed and got the message that the admin pw is set ... but I can't find where I actually get elevated rights to do stuff.
Our documentation is pretty "all over the place" in some respects. The process is outlined here: ... ing_a_User

Basically, you want to log in with the username you want to use on a daily basis, and register yourself. Then login as superuser with the password shown in the log (or that you set, if applicable). Edit the groups, and add your other username to the @admin group. Then relog as your own username and enjoy your admin privileges.

It seems convoluted, but it serves a purpose - the superuser account is there as a seldom used "final answer"... that is, if your server is ever hijacked by a rogue admin, they can absolutely remove administration privileges from any other user, but they can't take it away from the superuser, thus the rightful owner of the server can always get it back under control.