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Mumbe install on Centos 6.9?

How to do...
I have Centos 6.9 and VPS host wont upgrade until everything has been worked around in centos7. I cant find a good tutorial on how to install Mumble in Centos6 that is ANYTHING close to recent. 5 year old documents aren't cool. Does anybody have any good references for installing mumble with something 2016 and more recent???

I'm also trying to use a mysql database.

Thanks in advance,

Centos 6.9 Noob
We generally advise against using mysql instead of sqlite, unless you have specific reason to do so. Sqlite will be in-memory, and with only one application accessing the database (although it may work we do not support concurrent DB changes from other applications) no need for a more complex DBMS.

Personally, I’m not familiar with CentOS. But I guess the lack of resources it due to the low number of users. If you manage to install or find the documentation outdated, please improve it! That would be great!
I wouldn't know how to update it if i tried. I want to use MYSQL because I want to edit permissions based upon custom php commands from a forum.
Is there anybody that has done a centos install here?