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Managing Speak ACL's in Multiple Linked Channels

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Hi guys,

So we have a large mumble server and regularly have 200+ people working together in fleets. In other parts of our mumble server we have this set up but I can't find anybody who can tell me how to replicate the behaviour.

Say we have this setup:

Code: Select all

- Command Channels
 -- Command
- Fleet
 -- No Chatter
I would like:
* No Chatter & Fleet to be able to hear Command
* Command A to be able to hear Fleet (& optionally No Chatter, but that can be muted easily)
* No Chatter to NOT be able to hear Fleet (Seems to be super hard)

I'm having a lot of trouble setting this up so all three channels work like this when linked.

My first step was to link all the channels together, and they can all hear each other fine, but making it so No Chatter can't hear Fleet without also muting Command seems really difficult. I tried experimenting with

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but it ended up muting all linked channels and I couldn't get Command to override it.

Does anybody know how to do this?
> No Chatter to NOT be able to hear Fleet

Is that a double negation? I guess that's not what you wanted?

* A
** B
* C
** D

Link all of them.
In D:
@sub,2 no hearing [so D can not hear C, A, B]
@sub,1 allow hearing [so D can hear C]
Lower will overwrite the one above, so allow should override deny.

See ... 0sub_group

Looking at the ACL, I'm not actually sure what to use for hearing, but you will probably know.
I figured this one out eventually and I'd actually like to ask if the below is intentional behaviour in Mumble 1.3.

On all the documentation and tutorials, to use sub, you need to type various extra parameters into group. However in mumble 1.3 it isn't possible to do this under the ACL's menu. See here:

To add it, you need to go to the groups menu and add that as a group:

Is that intentional? As far as I could tell, the fact I had to do that isn't anywhere in any docs and I basically just had to mess around for hours till I accidentally came across it. I can't even find any screenshots online about it.

But to achieve my goal, I: This meant that:
  • Nochatter could hear Command A, but not Fleet A
  • Fleet A could hear Command A
  • Command A could hear Fleet A
Which was what I wanted :)

Thank you for your help though.