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Grand Theft Auto V positional audio

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Above is a list of games that are supported with positional audio in Mumble, but I can't seem to figure out how to use it. Take GTA V, for example. Where do I find the plugin for the game? In the plugins folder I can only find GTA IV (and games from other franchises, of course).

I see that it says:
"Warning: Plugins for 64-bit games only work with Mumble x64!"

Could it be that my version is x86? How can I find out? I've been looking for a specific 64-bit version of Mumble, but I can't find that either, but I suspect that that version - if it exists - may have other plugins that comes with it.

Thanks in advance.
Okay, so I've managed to figure out my question above. It was just a tad difficult for me to find the x64 version of Mumble, but now as I've done so, I can't get the bloody thing to work. Positional Audio is simply not working.

Here's the link to the x64 version, by the way: ... winx64.msi
How does it not work?
You should find the plugin list in the settings dialog. In it, Grand Theft Audo V.
Both the plugin and the PA in general (at the top) should be checked to be enabled.
When you launch the game, Mumble should log that it linked to the game.

The plugin may be out of date btw. If there was an update to GTA:V the position data may be elsewhere in memory, rendering the current plugin outdated.