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Blocking entering channel

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Hello, i have problems with ACL, when I have on certain channel (subchannel, by the way) group @all with denied all the privileges and another group (access token) with all the privileges and I dont have the token, Mumble only supress me (so i cant speak) but always allow me to enter. What i'm doing wrong? I found that my nick (im a head admin on the server) is lower in ACL than everything else, but i dont inherit higher ACL to this channel.
so admin is at the bottom of the list? with allow set to speak. I myself found the ACl's to be a pain to setup and had to make duplicates to get the permissions right.

I renamed root to "The Play Ground" and made it so no one could enter, instead on server join they go to "The Lobby" then made a clan only room called "46d9" . which has in order: all, auth, admin, all, all, auth, admin, 46d9 . just so people in the "46d9" group could enter and be able to move people in and out with out muting them . I had to do it this way since im a member of auth, admin, and 46d9. I tried to set up tokens but it didn't work right for me. This is the only thing I like about teamspeak. but don't give up .... it will come to you.
So you have "@all, #token, you" in the ACL list?
You're probably added because you're the channel creator and thus admin of that channel to prevent you from creating a channel you can't edit or enter afterwards.
If you have @all and #token as you said without inheriting it should work the way you want it to for all other users/registrations.
But its not. Everyone who go to this channel and dont have the token, they suffer from permission except "enter" privilege. My setup is : root with 2 groups, one with me (head admin) and one for other admins. In root i have "emo channels" then in there are a few private subchannels. On one subchannel i'm creating a token (ACL rule and @all are created), then i define privileges to nothing for @all (this second @all is placed lower than normal @all) and everything except for write ACL for token. Im doing something wrong?
I don't quite get it.
Could you post a screenshot of the ACLs of that channel? (maybe make your pw not-readable if you want to).

A little explanation. It seems that enabling traverse helped, and anybody besides me cant enter channel. Well, i created a group "kvodka", which should work like token. I just manually put people there to let them in, and it works. Well, the thing that bothers me the most is my entry, it creates another one every time i come to channel, and it gives me all privileges, but it shouldnt, because i have a group with only me (admin) in root which is inheritable, but everywhere except this channel. Even my admins are placed by default to @all there, and they cant come in.

and what exactly is it you want to do?

ACLs are parsed top to bottom.
So your @all group (the one before last entry Valium) will deny everything to everyone, except traverse which it will allow anyone.
Then the last entry Valium is parsed and thus you are allowed to WriteACL, which is added so you can still edit your own channel. Otherwise nobody could.
All entries above the mentioned @all ACL are useless/overridden.