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How to limit user amount only for certain channels

How to do...
I've searched and searched, I found only a way to limit users for all channels on the server. How do I limit the number of users for each individual channel? ... perchannel

The usersperchannel setting should do what you want.
I thought this limit applies to every channel on the server. How do I specify the channel I want to limit?
Indeed this is a setting for *every* channel.
There is no native setting for specifying individual channels user limits.
Feel free to check our feature request tracker and submit this as a suggestion with your use case if it does not exist yet.

As an alternative you can use an Ice/GRPC script that catches channel joins of users and checks for a user limit on the channel, and then denies entry.
See ... ateChanged
Maybe such scripts exist already. You will need access to the Ice endpoint of the server for this.