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headless RPI client with terminal control

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I am hoping someone can help me out I am working on a voip intercom based on mumble however I havea couple ideas/requirements I am not sure are possible.

I need a headless client that I can control ptt, mute and whisper from a command line so that I can write scriptting actions for the gpio controls.

Second I need a way to have it execute an action when a whisper comes in so that I can write a scripting action to auto reply with a whisper to that person. also I need a way to trigger an indicater based on mute or mic open

So let me as is any of this doable and where should I begin,

Have you tried searching? I seem to recall other people discussing using GPIO on a Rpi to control Mumble, your question might already be answered by people who know more about it than me.

It's possible to control some aspects of Mumble via an RPC interface that's not terribly well documented. I know some people have had some success running Mumble headless with a virtual framebuffer X server - you'll have to configure it with a GUI at first though I think. Again, this should be a solved question already - if you can't find anything on these forums, check the SourceForge tracker for discussions as well.
Thanks for the info I have seen some on the forum that is similar to what I need but it means very little to me when I look at it. I was hoping some one would popup with detailed info.

I have been doing some research on RPC, Dbus and ICE but I am totally confused on how they work if anyone can chime in it would be very appreciative.

I'm an EE, yet a noob to this area. Please forgive if i break discussion norms. I am attempting to build a VOIP Intercom system as well. Have you made any headway on getting a automatic bi-directional whisper function to work, or with the executing of commands to GPIO pins (or script) based on incoming messages? So far, your post in this forum is all i have found on the topic. I'm considering trying to mod the source code if i cant find the external hooks to make it happen in current version... Or added to the requested features list.
Has anyone been able to execute the client from the terminal. Every time I try to do it with ./mumble.desktop I get permission denied error. I've tried changing the permissions in the GUI and also with chmod 777, that didn't work.
I have a couple of headless Raspberry Pi´s running.
I ended up using desktop GUI with remote access, using the default Mumble app, as this makes support easier, and it´s easier to setup keys/GPI´s and changing rooms etc.

There´s an ansible script for setting up the machine here:

It´s using this soundcard on the RPi:

And it´s very stable. I´ve had 8 of them running since start december.

We´re also testing Orange Pi Zero Plus2, but I can´t recommend it yet, as we haven´t done enough testing.
How is the sound quality? did you test on pi zero as well?
I've tested talkkonnect and talkiepi (both headless) with a phat dac (had to reassign a pin for both to get sound going) on both Pi zero W and RPi 3 but the output was really noisy and trying to troubleshoot.