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how to configure murmur server and define audio device used?

Posted: 14 Oct 2019, 02:27
by hca
I would like to define which audio device feeds the server on a raspi, plenty of searching but I can't find what I am after.

On the client side mumble appears on the mixer, but I cant find it in alsa mixer on the pi, from what I have read I think it appears to use the default device only? On the windows client side its no problem, the devices are selected in the config menu and there are not 3 identical sound devices.

I have 3 cm108 style usb audio devices in the pi connected to 3 different radios, 2 feed other applications, the only way to identify them so each programs get the correct sound device is the order the system finds them thus, they have a sequential individual power up one after the other and they are defined in program config files as below,

Dire wolf AUDIO_DEV=alsa:plughw:0,0
Svxlink ADEVICE plughw:1,0

Can I configure Murmur to use plughw:2,0 some how? Maybe modify the code an recompile or force plughw:2,0 to be the default?

I would be grateful if I could be directed to an answer on line somewhere or any suggestion how to solve this?

Re: how to configure murmur server and define audio device used?

Posted: 20 Oct 2019, 08:20
by kissaki
The Mumble server Murmur does not do any audio processing. Hence, it does not use the systems audio backend.

It receives audio data via network packets, and re-routes them to adequate targets.

So no audio backend device is selectable or even used.