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[Solved] Push-To-Talk toggle?

How to do...
So I'm trying to use push-to-talk, but I don't like having to hold the button down to transmit. Is there any way to toggle voice transmittance on and off, essentially a mix between push-to-talk and continuous? I was thinking I could just bind continuous to my ptt button, but that's not possible as a shortcut option. Is this possible?
In Mumbles settings, Audio Input, when Push To Talk is selected as Transmit method, then there is a slider setting for DoublePush Time which allows you to select a delay for double PTT, which when noticed locks your PTT-state.
So instead of tab-holding your PTT key you would double-tab your PTT key to lock it in.
Ah, that does sound like that I'm looking for. Thanks dude, I'll give it a try later.
I love this feature on Plumble. Any chance it would make it to Mumble on iOs ?