MumbleLink link with Web Games (in-browser)

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MumbleLink link with Web Games (in-browser)

Post by TagProKo »

How do I link Mumble, including teams and positional audio, to a web game like TagPro?

I plan on making a mod (in the form of a userscript or webextension) for this game, but don't know how to connect it to the shared memory of MumbleLink. Is this even possible from within a browser?

It's likely that it'll only be possible through extensions like NPAPI (flash) which is disabled by default in modern browsers, but I dont know how. Another solution might be to make users install a program that links to MumbleLink and opens up a local HTTP-server that an in-browser userscript can then connect to (userscripts can get around CORS), but that requires players to install both things. Are there any better options?

About the "hassle" of installing userscripts: many TagPro players already have a userscript manager installed because of the vast variety of mods in this format. So that's not a concern.

I have searched for examples, but I haven't found any web game that has implemented MumbleLink before. It would be great if someone knows a game that already does this.

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Re: MumbleLink link with Web Games (in-browser)

Post by kissaki »

No, you can't access shared memory from within the browser. The browser generally blocks access to the system and translates/encapsulates/selectively provides any system information from website code.

Maybe Java Web Start can access shared memory. I doubt Flash can. I doubt asm.js can.

With the move of browsers away from native plugins to web extensions, that's very probably not viable either.

Your best option may be to prepare and distribute a runnable/installable client application yourself. Although simply reusing and embedding chromium or another web rendering engine may not be sufficient, as you'll have to open or adjust it to allow accessing shared memory.

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