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Can I add an API Steam for log in on my server ?

Ice/DBus, Web-Interfaces, Management tools
I would like adding an API Steam for log in the users on Mumble.
I would like with this API to obtain the name in game and eventually the avatar for auto-completion in Mumble.

The idea is to get the in-game name and if possible the avatar of each to authenticate to Mumble.

Must I do to add Ice or DBus for that and mainly is it possible ?
Sorry for my expression but I'm French.

Thank you.
This actually sounds like an interesting project. I'm not sure how you'd be able to deal with the OAUTH stuff for Steam though - I don't think Steam would like you requiring your users to login with their steam name/password via Mumble.

The rest of the stuff is probably rather trivial though - check out some of the example authenticators. Avatars and everything are probably trivially done - getting the current game would depend on how well Steam's API exposes that information. I would imagine you could add group permissions based on the Steam groups a user is in (team-only rooms, that sort of thing).

You'll want to use Ice - pretend DBus doesn't exist for server purposes. If you speak a language that Ice supports, it's probably not that difficult a problem once you clear the authentication hurdle. Have fun!