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Overlay not showing up on Raspberry

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i tried to simplify the use of a Mumble Client on a Raspberry with a 3.2 Inch Display.

As this Display is very small i thougt of using the Overlay to simply show me who is speaking.
And another tiny part of Software wich shows me the Channel i'm in. ( but that has nothing to do with mumble)

First of all the Connection and Text messaging seems OK. But im Stuck with the Overlay.
It won't simply show up on the little Screen when i input sound on the Windows side.
I have a Windows Computer running the Server and a Client for testing.

Is the Overlay disabled on the Raspberry ? Or will it only show up with a fault less sound setup ? ( Currently there is no Sound input or output on the Raspberry but this will change soon ) I thougt i should be able to see the Windows Client Icon turn Red on the Raspberry but this also doesn't quite work.

Am i doing something wrong ?

greetings Chris
I don't think too many folks here have used Mumble or Windows on the Pi. I'm pretty jealous you're running this setup. I haven't had any time to get a buy and play around with it. They sound really cool. What type of Windows operating system is it running? This could help troubleshoot.
Well Windows is not Running on the RPI. But i Run it on my Desktop as Server.

The RPI is at the moment only my "One Time Handheld Mumble Device"
Today i got my USB-Audio Working with the standard Mumble Client on the PI.
Now im crawling throug JAVA to get a self written Mumble Client up and running.

At the end the Pi should be something like a Mumble Handheld Tx/Rx Radio. But there is still a bit of way to go.