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Set PTT with Terminal or Script

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I want to run the Mumble client (with PTT signaling) on a Raspberry Pi3 (or a Pi2, if a Pi3 is not supported yet)
@Hamie, do you have it working on a Pi3?
Do you have a working image i can get?
I'm afraid i will not succeed because all the information i can find to do the job is outdated.
Mumble has renewed a few times and all the (PTT) modifications i can find are more then 2 years old.
I'm not a programmer, just a technician so i hope someone can help me to accomplish.
At this moment i'm stranded with errors while compiling. I don't know where to place the code of my previous message. I get errors like this:
main.cpp:46:9: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before ‘(’ token pinMode (10,OUTPUT);

I think it also works with the latest source from github.

I had to install:

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apt-get install build-essential pkg-config qt5-default libqt5svg5-dev \
                libboost-dev libasound2-dev libssl-dev \
                libspeechd-dev libzeroc-ice-dev libpulse-dev \
                libcap-dev libprotobuf-dev protobuf-compiler \
                libogg-dev libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev libsndfile1-dev \
                libg15daemon-client-dev libxi-dev qttools5-dev-tools
Compiling with qt5 instead if qt4

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qmake -recursive CONFIG+="no-g15 no-server" LIBS+="-lwiringPi"
Here you can find the edited source code with ptt including a binary in mumble/releases

Here you can find only a binary with ptt mod

If you use the binary you should install mumble with apt-get install mumble.
So you should have all dependencies.

Thank you very much Stephan for your support.
I hope i can get it to work soon.

If you have any problems. Please contact me.
Skype dl4ste
stephensworld wrote:If you have any problems. Please contact me.
Skype dl4ste
Hello Stephensworld, i send a mp with more details to your skype acount, i already put your hack in a clone github, but i cant compile it for rpi3b and the actual version from this topic have problems with raspbian strech recently updated (lib modules).

This is the github, can any compile it? Already have the hacks for io pins.
Stephensworld send me the compiled version, if any need it, i send the info, send mp if you need it.

Very thanks Stephensworld !
You are welcome.
73 dl4ste
Hello Everybody in the forum!
I am a Ham Radio operator maintaining RF gateway for 2 years now, using Mumble on Raspberry Pi 2,
now on Raspberry 3. I am using VOX interface to key up the PTT pin of the radio. Well every Ham knows the behavior of the Radio Gateway using VOX Interface. And I am very excited when I read the discussion, suggestion etc... on this forum. Hoping that somebody in the forum send me a link the working Mumble Client with ptt keying, and input squelch keying. Please pardon me, I don't have knowledge on linux or software development or some kind, but little knowledge in electronics.
We are using the Retrogame for PTT & Whisper/shout functions it´s set up for triggering F1-F9
This way it´s easy to configure shortcuts in the Mumble Client.