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who is talking

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hello ,
i am trying to build a plugin that will tell me who is talking at the moment for a university project.
as i don't have too much software background im having a hard time to understand how can i interact with mumble with my own code im writing?
also i saw that mumble uses the function "ClientUser::getTalking()" can i use it? if so how?

i will appreciate any help i can get :)
I'm assuming by "plugin" you mean an Ice script to connect to the server, as we really don't have a general-purpose plugin interface for the client.

Have you looked at the way the various implementations of the channel viewer protocol do it? Most of them, IIRC, simply look at how long each user has been idle. Idle == 0 means that user is talking - I don't think we expose an "is talking" property over Ice.
You ever get anywhere with this?