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Disabling Users

Ice/DBus, Web-Interfaces, Management tools
On our Mumble setup, users are created by our external management application and assigned group permissions based on their related groups. Their initial login into the server requires a password then their certificate is bound to that account.

The problem we have is when it comes to disabling users, at the moment we have to fully delete their Mumble entry to stop them from getting access. Is there any way to disassociate a certificate from a Mumble user? This way we could remove the certificate and scramble the password to prevent login.
Yes, of course.
Do you use Ice to add users?
You can of course update the registrations and also remove any certificate or password data. ... gistration ... rInfo.html ... gistration

Or do you use an Ice callback for authentification?
Or do you use the evil hackway inserting registrations directly into the sqlite db?

(I’m glad to help; but for the future please remember to put in as much information into the question as the one respoding to your question may need or find useful. Otherwise it’s more unnecessary back and forth.)