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I want to make a cli program that will log on to a mumble server and print the messages to stdout or something. Looking at the source code, I see a lot of things I won't need (settings, g15, global shortcuts, etc). Where is a good place in the code to start reading about navigating authentication and receiving messages?
Unfortunately big parts of our protocol still are "code is documentation" only. We have started creating a protocol documentation but it is not anywhere near finished (if you want to take a look anyway you can find it here here). We also have some basic "bot" applications implementing parts of our protocol, these are also nowhere close to actually implementing all of the protocol, you can find these here.

But if you just want to send messages to your own server consider using our Ice RPC interface. It is much cleaner then actually connecting with a bot via our client protocol.
Well, tbh, the ultimate goal of my little project is to make a bot that will play sound files based on messages it recieves. So those links will probably help. :D