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Mumble mySQL problem

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we are running a python auth system on Ubuntu. Using Murmur with a mySQL database.
User registers in auth system and gets assigned to the appropiate groups, this is then synced with murmur mySQL database, and this works as intended(if i check the mumble db the database is populated with the changes).

Problem is that the mumble server needs a restart for changes to take effect. Is this a cache problem? Any point in the right direction, or better, a solution, would be awesome :)

Is there any way around this without rewriting python manager to use ICE(or even dbus)?

I think I spoke to you on IRC about this yesterday, but I'll answer here in case anyone else is searching for the same thing:

Making changes to the database while Murmur is running is an unsupported operation, as far as I'm aware we make no guarantees Murmur will see the changes, and/or not clobber them again next time it writes to the database. Murmur effectively uses the database simply as storage, the authoritative data is what's in Murmur's process memory at the time.

The proper solution, IMHO, is to rewrite it to make use of Ice "authenticators", or even just the various user registration methods. We were telling people loudly that editing the DB wouldn't be a supported operation when MySQL support was first proposed, the guys who wrote the MySQL support stuff included MySQL solely because they had a backup infrastructure for MySQL in place already, IIRC, it was never intended that people could switch to MySQL and then edit the database and have Murmur respect the changes.

IMHO DBus should be considered deprecated in the server, it's a mess and I would propose pulling it out if it weren't such a huge task and we still depend on DBus for the client for various things anyway.

Once you get over the initial braindeadness of Ice (not using PHP is a good start), you'll probably find it a lot nicer than worrying about Murmur's DB schema and whether your changes take effect.
Cheers fwaggle,

thank you for the information, i'll get right to it, and rewrite to use ICE.

For the record, it was not me you talked to on IRC yesterday :)