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[SOLVED] AutoMove chan

Ice/DBus, Web-Interfaces, Management tools

I developed a program that retrieves some information from a multiplayer game. I like to know if it was possible to automatically move a user into a specific channel.

With my software I get the nickname which is the same as the username mumble and the name of the desired channel, which obviously is a channel to mumble.


With my program I get: nickname = Adraesh and channel = test

So is it possible via a script to automatically move Adraesh into the channel test?

Thank you in advance.
You can use Ice as an API for controlling your server programaticaly.
Thank you for the quick response.

If I understand correctly, I can use the API ice to control my murmur server.
Can you be a little more specific, give me some more informations?
Where to start, how to do it ... etc. ?

Or maybe we can get in touch to work together on my project?

Thank you in advance.
I understood you want to switch users to a specific channel, so you wanna use the Ice function server->setState(User) ... l#setState

How you have to use Ice depends;
what kind of program did you use to read out game-data?
Is it server side or client side?
Resulting in: Can you implement the Ice functionality (move users) in your app? Do you want to use a separate webserver for that with authentification or sth?

In the end, you’ll have to somehow access Ice.
Zeroc provides bindings for C(++), Java, python, PHP …

You’ll just have to use one of those binding libs and, well, just connect to and use Ice.

U give me all informations that i need :). If i have success to build this application i will come back to post my result.

thx for all !