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Scripting the Mumble Client

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Hey all, looks like this forum is not being used very much, but there's something that's been running through my head I thought I'd post here.

I built a system that allows me to record Mumble channels very easily. And started a Google Code project to store the source code and documentation. (not uploaded atm)

Currently with this system, in order for a Mumble user to record a channel, this user needs to have the privileges to move the recording user to the correct channel that needs to be recorded. This is not a huge problem because I can easily create a security group for people who need that specific access. But just thinking....

Would there be someway to script the Mumble client itself? For example using a script tell the Mumble client to join a specific channel, or even server. That way it could all be controlled from the same web based control panel. Start/Stop Recording, Choose from a list of channels, and go!

This is not something I believe is possible right now, but something that I think would be cool for someday :)
You can use the Mumble URLs to make the client join specific channels.
Passing the url to the executable will also make it join that.
So you could do a script like that for the client.