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Re: Channel/User tree via JSONP

Posted: 10 Jun 2010, 11:17
by rebroy
Hi pavelhoral, that's ok, I didn't get a notification to your reply either so I'm sorry this response is late too.

Yes it's using a third server that interests me but the trouble is that I don't know enough about programming to be able to do it.

I need someone that could talk to me like an idiot to explain what and how this can be done.

Re: Channel/User tree via JSONP

Posted: 04 Jul 2010, 22:26
by dixon8
I have a webserver w/root and Murmur installed. I don't want to install old versions of Ice that are compatible with Murmur.
Can someone explain exactly how to set up/placement of files for this json,jsonp,js widgit. I already have the Murmur Tree from the server but not sure what file type to save it as or where to put it.


Re: Channel/User tree via JSONP

Posted: 06 Jul 2010, 10:02
by pavelhoral
for better descrtiption I made a simple diagram:
Diagram shows the most distributed solution with 3 separate servers (I think this is what redboy wants). For my situation server 1 and 2 are actually one machine.

As for question how to save the JSONP generating script - it is a PHP script so you have to place it under document root of your HTTP server for example as index.php. Unfortunatelly it requires a (very) little bit of knowledge of configuring a web server (enabling PHP) and PHP (enabling Ice).

Don't hesitate to write a PM to me (it will be more efficient). I am also able to write the Java version of the JSONP generator (I am a Java programmer rather than PHP). I can not guarantee my reaction time so you have to be indulgent :).

Re: Channel/User tree via JSONP

Posted: 07 Jul 2010, 22:38
by dixon8
Pavel, here is some new code that has to be entered into the generate2-json.txt,to have a secure Ice connection. Did you ever TEST with Ice 3.4.1 ? NOTE: This is for Ice 3.4.1. According to this: Ice-Mumble. On the top line:

All hosters note: local ICE connections have now been secured, without having to use Glacier, in Murmur 1.2.2. Simply use the icescret= parameter in your murmur.ini.

In generat2-json.txt file :


Code: Select all

$communicator = Ice_initialize();
Add after:

Code: Select all

$secret = array('secret'=>'My Pwd');
You must add your icesecret where^^^^ it says 'MyPwd' . This can be found/set in your Murmur.ini

Next Find:

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$tree = $meta->getServer(1)->getTree();
And add in-line edit: after getServer(1):

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So now (after edits) the complete line should now look like this:

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$tree = $meta->getServer(1)->ice_context($secret)->getTree();

I tested this without these 2 edits and received Uncaught Exception fatal errors.
All this worked for me. With the help of Pavelhoral and Kissaki, Thanks You.
The hardest part was to get Ice to read the tree.
My setup:
Windows 7
xampp- v- 1.7.3
Ice- v3.4.1.msi Install Ice-ZeroC-msi

Link to Tree:

|USMC| Mumble Tree