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[SOLVED] Help With QTreeview Usernames!

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I was wondering how to modify the QTreeview properties to my needs. I can't seem to figure this out!

Here is a picture of what my mumble Treeview currently looks like:

Notice how my name in the channel (test1) is bold, and other users under me in the channel (for example, tester7) are not bold?

My problem is that i'm wondering how to make the users under me have the same size, font, text style, everything! How would I be able to do this so tester7 looks exactly like test1?

Hopefully you guys understand my request here! I just can't figgure it out! thank you!
And why did you create four topics for this question?
I removed the other three.

Unfortunately, I don’t really know an answer to your problem.
Sorry I didn't know what section it was meant to be in!

Hopefully someone has some idea :(
Never mind I figured it out. Silly me had a missing colon in my skin! Woops!

Fixed (: