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Changing icons in ToolBar

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Hello, i know i'm probably stupid, but please can someone help me with proper syntax to change Deafen yourself icon? I tried these already:

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QToolBar::qaAudioDeaf {
image: url(skin:deafened_self2.png);

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QToolBar::qaAudioDeaf::item {

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QToolBar::qaAudioDeaf::item:selected {

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QToolBar::qaAudioDeaf::item:disabled {

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QToolBar#qaAudioDeaf::item { ...
plus each ::item: variation

And some other silly stuff like QAction instead of QToolBar or qaAudioDeaf first.

— poor graphic designer

Oh and by the way, my problem with deafened_self.svg icon is to make differenet for ToolBar, and next to the users nicknema in TreeView, cause i need them different in system tray.
IIRC you need to add the appriopriate .svg file into your skin directory... see
i know byt appriopriate .svg file covers too many icons for me.

I created an issue report for this at to discuss how to best resolve such stuff. Anyone feel free to chime in.