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No ini file to server

Feedback about snapshots
How do you configure the murmur server now?
The server is still initially set-up by the use of an ini file.

Could you provide the OS and the which snapshot version of murmur you are talking about.
The newest the RC 1.2.3-rc1-4-gbe7ad39 (1.2.3 Developer Snapshot) and windows xp pro

Toth now when RC come that i would change the server to 1.2.3 so i simpe installed it over the old one but there were no murmur.ini file so i tried copy my old but that didnt help, still cod not conect to the server or even right click the icon so i cod se the log.

Maybe i do a new try this weekend when i have more time, now i was like wtf.. install 1.2.2 and check, yes it works :)
Installed over the old one but had to copy the ini over?
That doesn’t make sense.
Sry i know am bad at explaning and doing it in english makes it even harder, when i installed the RC there were no murmur.ini file at all in then mumble map so i copyed my backup ini file there but it didnt help.
The installer does include the Murmur.ini file, and also was extracted for me.
Did you install it to a new folder? Did you also select to install Murmur?
Try to install again to a new folder and see if it does extract.
As i wrote will try again this weekend when i have more then 20min.

Se on this computer i have the new murmer.ini file, 1 question there, if it say #autobanAttempts = 10 do that meen it is used so it have to be # autobanAttempts = 10 to be ignored? or is it ignored as long as it start with # no mater if its text direct or space?
everything after a # is ignored
Tried again today but no luck :(

Installed the newest version in a own dir and then it started and i cod fix the ini file as i wanted, but when i install it over the old server so i have all info for regsitred users and so it hangs so oyu cant check log or anything, what i saw is that my murmur.log and murmur.sqlite are pretty big, log 670MB sqlite 424MB so maybe its them that stop it from starting.
As the new install worked,
try replacing your .ini.
If that still works,
try replacing your sqlite.