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[Solved] No more Overlay in Mac RC3?

Feedback about snapshots
I noticed that in the latest snapshot on the Mac there is no Overlay option anymore.

I was using: Mumble-Snapshot-1.2.3-rc2-20-g2da7fb6

And overlay was working great with no issues.

I upgraded to: Mumble-Universal-Snapshot-1-1.2.3-rc3-5-g520ad96

Now there is no overlay tab in the new options pane at all. Even with the "Advanced" checked. Is the overlay now a plugin that I need to download seperately?
Hey Jixx,

Builds marked as 'universal' don't have overlay support. Unfortunately, you were probably notified to download the universal release by the Mumble client itself. It shouldn't really ask you to upgrade from a non-universal build to a universal one -- that's a bug. Until it's fixed, please just use this build: ... 65bb68.dmg

Or, alternatively, just use the default 1.2.3 release (the non-universal one) if you want overlay support. :-)