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Hello, I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this post, but i was wondering if it would be possible to add a channel toggle function. To elaborate, my clan's server has an AFK (Away From Keyboard) channel, and we would like to be able to jump to this channel using a shortcut key, and then when we return, press the same shortcut key to return to the channel that we AFKed from. I understand that this is somewhat possible if you key bind "wisper/shout, and join channel" with the same shortcut key, but the problem there is you would have to setup a shortcut key for each channel available. not very comprehensible if the server has 10-20+ channels to choose from. A channel toggle shortcut would be very useful by allowing users to jump to a user predetermined channel and then back to the previous channel without having to minimize the game and maximize mumble.(ie from BFBC2 to AFK and then back to BFBC2 using the same shortcut key.) if this is possible it would really be appreciated. Thank you.
Sounds like a good idea. Shouldn't be too hard to implement either.

You should create a feature request ticket in our tracker - you can find it on our sourceforge page - so we can correctly handle your request. Stuff in the forum is easily lost or missed. Especially if we cannot work on it right away (which is usually the case, our todo is pretty packed).

Welcome to our forums btw.