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Channel User Move Function

Posted: 29 May 2011, 01:33
by nmeadows
I have made a feature request ticket for this post and my previous post (Channel Toggle Function), however i also wanted to post it in the forum to get the word out.

A very useful shortcut that my clan and other clan members have been discussing is a shortcut function that will allow a member to move all users from a user predetermined channel into the channel the member is in. A problem we have discovered is while in game, it is inconvenient to minimize the game, then maximize mumble to move non-member users into the channel you are in. My clan has a Lobby channel that all non-member users enter upon connection. There they must wait until a member moves them into a channel. A channel move function would be useful by allowing a member to move the non-member user into the current channel the member is in by pressing one key while the user is in-game. If this is possible, it would be appreciated. Thank You

And thank you dd0t for your quick response to my previous post. Mumble is the best VoIP software i have used, Thanks